Our Mission and Principles


Stable Faith Cowboy Church exists to experience, celebrate and share God's grace.

We affirm six main functions as the means of so doing:   Christ-centered Worship, Biblical

Instruction, Prayer, World Evangelization, Nurturing Fellowship and Caring Acts. 


We are committed to the following principles in order to fulfill our purpose.  

- It's all about Jesus

-  As Christians, we are recipients of God's grace.  Grace is when God  gives us that which we do not deserve.  His grace provides forgiveness,  transforms us, sustains us, and enables our service.  We are so  dependent upon God's grace that we have no room to look down on others.   Rather, we are to minister grace to others.  We want this church, our  church, to be a haven of grace.

-  Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and it's only owner.  Let no  member think that long service or large gifts impart tenure in an office  or control over any part of the ministry. 

-  While cultures and traditions may change, God's Word is eternal and  absolutely reliable in all that it affirms.  Therefore the Bible shall  have the final say in all that the church believes, teaches, and does.

-  God's Word is God's tool in maturing disciples.  We purpose to teach  believers from the Bible in practical terms how to live the Christian  life.  We will train them in Biblical doctrine and for Christian  service.

-  Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Thus, we want to be  close to Him.  We will nurture this relationship each day by spending  time alone with God in prayer and in his Word.

- No church rises above its prayer life; we will emphasize the practice of prayer.

-  In the planning process, our priority shall be to pray and make  decisions at the leading of the Holy Spirit, as opposed to making our  plans and then asking God to bless them.

-  Evangelism is the main work of the whole church until Christ returns.   We commit ourselves to intentionally and winsomely sharing the gospel.   We emphasize evangelizing those outside the church as well as our own.   We are here to reach the Central Florida area for Jesus Christ.

-  Because people are most effectively reached for Christ together with  others of like interests, we shall identify and concentrate on reaching  out to those in the cowboy culture, and to all other "people groups" in  our community.

-  Missions is evangelism which crosses geographical and/or cultural  boundaries.  Our commitment to world evangelization includes  participating in missions and supporting those who give their lives to  this work.

-We  see ourselves, in part, as a support group for recovering sinners.   Having been rescued, we purpose to nurture each others' spiritual growth  by encouraging one another and holding each other accountable in his  walk with Christ. 

-  The Christian life is a quest for holiness.  We desire to align our  actions, words, attitudes, and affections with the nature of God.  We  will "feed" our inner life to become like the Lord, refraining from  anything that weakens our resolve for righteousness.

-  In its normal state, the church exists in a unity produced by the Holy  Spirit.  Disunity results from our own selfish motives and actions.  We  purpose  to preserve this unity by refraining from gossip, a critical  spirit, and divisive behavior.

-  Change and flexibility being essential to church growth, we will  regularly evaluate church ministries and programs.  We commit ourselves  to excellence in the Lord's work.  It is better to do a few things well  than many things poorly.  Excellence is worth the price of time, money  and energy.

-  The church is the body of Christ.  The whole church is the body, not  just the pastor and officers.  Thus, we commit ourselves to helping  members discover their spiritual gifts and mobilizing every member in  service to Jesus Christ.  We view the pastor as a  coach who equips the  church for the work of the ministry ( Ephesians 4:11 - 12 ).

-  It is every members responsibility to promote the mission, protect the  reputation, and ensure the success of the local church.

-  Worship involves both joyful celebrations and reverent contemplation.   We will do both with the focus on Jesus Christ.  All of our  instrumentalists and vocalists will honor the pastor as the worship  leader of the church.

-  We purpose to support and uphold the ideal of the Christian home.  A  Christian marriage involves a man and a woman, committed to each other  for life and seeking to raise godly children.

-  The Bible teaches that everything in our lives-time, abilities, and  finances - belongs to the Lord and that we are to manage His resources  in His way.  As God has entrusted His message to us, believers are  stewards of the gospel.  In regard to financial giving, the tithe is the  starting place.  We owe God a tithe; offerings are expressions of  worship above the tithe.  We believe in "storehouse tithing". giving the  first ten percent through the church budget.

-  We cooperate on a voluntary basis with other church associations,  conventions, mission boards.  We are neither owned nor are we a  franchise

of any.   Insofar as is practical in fulfilling our mission and as long as these  bodies hold to Biblical truth, we will work with them cooperatively.